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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Greek Mythology Tattoo Meanings And Pictures

When Greek mythology is used for tattoos this is just as much of a form of expression as the tattoos themselves. This is a popular choice partially due to the fascination that surrounds Greek mythology. Gods, goddesses, and the stories that are told about them have an appeal that continues to intrigue the minds of tattoo enthusiasts.

Meanings of Tattoos are more often the Reason for their Choice.

The meaning associated with Greek gods and goddesses is another reason they are chosen. The God of Music is Apollo and this design is often chosen by those for whom music is an integral part of their life. This has a special meaning for the music lover. The King of the Dead is Hades and this Greek mythological character is one that is chosen by individuals that believe they are almost invincible. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and this is a tattoo symbol that women often choose.

The choice of Greek mythology tattoos is not just the gods and goddesses. Psyche, which means soul or spirit, is an ancient Greek word for butterfly. The butterflies in Greek mythology are linked to the souls of humans. They were considered the souls of those who had passed, and when a butterfly was seen flying in the sky, the soul was being taken to the heavens.

The scorpion, which many choose for tattoos, is a symbol of revenge in Greek mythology. On the other hand, the meaning can be strength and power. Thus, many tattoo subjects are chosen for a meaning that may be totally different in Greek mythology. Placement of this tattoo also has a meaning. Men tend to get them on the arms - a part of the body that is muscular - as a representation of strength. Women, choose the stomach, ankle or pelvic area as a representation of being strong yet feminine.

One of the most popular tattoo subjects for women is the rose. It is often gotten in memory of someone who has passed or as a symbol of something momentous that has occurred in the life of the person choosing the design of a rose flower for a tattoo. Greek mythology contends the rose was given its name by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Dragons are found in Greek mythology as guardians and the word actually comes from the Greek word drakon. This means snakes or serpent. Dragons are another popular subject for tattoos.

The Greek key is another popular tattoo design that is often chosen. The design represents Theseus, who according to legend was the king of Athens.

The angel is another subject when it comes to tattoos for the female sex. It may be chosen for a variety of reasons, but the word is from the Greek word 'angelos' and the meaning is 'messenger'. Angels were messengers between the gods and humans. Angel wings were often seen on gods and according to many mythological tales, humans could fly as well. One thing that is not widely known is the tattoo was actually a form of punishment in ancient Greece.

Many Greek mythological tattoos today are used to tell a story and they are very colorful. They are used as a personal expression connecting the person and the mythological character chosen for the tattoo.

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